Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Manokwari from the air

I've been posting some of the photos on my photoblog, but I thought why not I'm also posting it here.
Here some view of Manokwari from the air, taken from plane's windows, from big aircraft like boeing 737-300 series to ATR and Cessna.

on the right corner is Abasi beach, a good spot to catch sunrise
and usually crowded on Sundays
 areas near Kwawi, East Manokwari
Fisherman village, along Sowi areas, West Manokwari
another view of Sowi areas
a blurry image of the whole Rendani airport, Manokwari
Mansinam island, 5 min away by boat from Kwawi, Manokwari
this island is my getaway when I need to get away from people :p
loves the shadow of coconut trees along the coast
Lemon island, the smaller neighboring island of Mansinam

almost could see the whole Manokwari, except
the Arfak mountain areas

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

There's a rainbow after the rain

I feel blessed that I could saw double rainbow twice! Both of them I saw in Sorong. The first one I saw around August 2011 and the recent one is on 7 June 2012. Too bad I don't bring a wider lens, so I only could capture some part of the rainbow. There also a bonus for me! I got to see beautiful bright sky just before the sun set behind the clouds.....

my first time seeing double rainbow in August 2011
double rainbow,  Sorong 22 August 2011

double rainbow, Sorong, 7 June 2012
Bright sky over Sorong on 7 June 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Exploring the other side of Manokwari

Before sunrise at Warkapi beach
On Sunday or Saturday, I used to go to the office as I don't know what else to do or where to go here in Manokwari, as my friends are limited to my colleagues at the office. But finally I met lot of new friends and the funny things is, I got to know my new friends in Manokwari through an email address given by my friend who currently living in other city in Papua. From one new friend, now expanded into one community group that usually gathered on the weekend and go from one beautiful place into another beautiful place. I feel so lucky that finally I could explore so many beautiful places which I don't think I will know the place if I go without them.

View to the sea from a
bridge, on the way to
Oransbari village
Last Saturday they asked me to join them exploring the mountainous area in Manokwari and to go there it needs considerably long hour-ride. So they pick me at 3 a.m and then touring the outskirts areas of Manokwari, from waiting sun rises at Warkapi, having breakfast at Oransbari village and still at Oransbari, we stopped at a small village caused we saw many lotus flower in a pond just on the side of the road and ended at Neney village to see the waterfall.

They didn't tell me that it took est. 1 hour walk to reach the waterfall, with the path is over looking the beautiful mountainous areas. Although it's very tiring walk, but when I saw the waterfall, all my tiredness gone! The water a bit cold but so refreshing....

During the walk to waterfall, I saw so many beautiful butterflies and many other creatures, including a blue bee! It is my first time saw a blue bee :D

After spending a few hour at the waterfall we decided to heading back to Manokwari. The rain started to fall when we walk back to where we park the car, which is another one hour walk :)

On the way back to Manokwari, the rain stopped and left the clear blue sky with moon hanging on the sky. We dediced to take a break and capturing the moon (actually I forced them to stop, so I could take a picture of the moon hehe...they were so kind, so they couldn't say no to my request....).

Finally, I get home at 8pm. It is a tiring day yet I am grateful to see many beautiful places at the remote areas of Manokwari. Hopefully they still want me to join them in their next trip exploring Manokwari...

reflection at a pond full of lotus 

small creek, on the way to the waterfall, Neney village

a blue bee, loves the shiny blue color:)
Waterfall at Neney village, Ransiki

the moon rises behind a tall tree

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching sun rises in Manokwari

Got invitation from some friends here in Manokwari, if I want to join them hunting for sunrise. Despite my laziness of getting up early, who could refuse the offer when they said they will pick me up at home (they certainly knows that I couldn't get ojek/motorbike taxi at 4.30am). Sadly today they texted me again to see sunrise from another place, but apparently I was still enjoying my dream, so I didn't hear them until I got up at 6am :D

So here are some of the picture that I managed to capture the last 2 days becoming an early riser, at Abasi beach and Aipiri beach, Manokwari.

morning light, before sunrise at Abasi beach

sun rises behind clouds, Abasi beach

golden morning at Abasi beach

loves the early light just before the sun rises to the sky,
Aipiri beach

here comes the sun, Aipiri beach

sun rises at the horizon, Aipiri beach

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living the life in Manokwari…

Rendani airport, Manokwari from the air

I never been to Papua before, so when I said I’m gonna taking up a post in Manokwari, I’ve been clouded with many information on security issues, living conditions etc…etc… and it turned out not like as most people have said….

Bakaro beach
Although Manokwari is a capital city of West Papua, it couldn’t be compared with other provincial capital in western part of Indonesia. So far, living in Manokwari is like living in a small town somewhere in any part of Indonesia, with no chained mall or theatre and a laid back atmosphere…blue sky, beautiful beaches and mountainous areas… so many places to explore! 

Well, Manokwari has so many places to offer for people who like trekking, birding, snorkeling and diving. I only manage to see a little of it and still craving for more...
By the way, those who enjoy beers or any alcoholic drinks, sorry… you couldn’t find it here, even in a 4 star hotel, as its not permitted to be sold in Manokwari by local law!

Anyway… although I should live away from my hubby and children (missing them a lot!), I enjoy living the life in Manokwari

and here are some of the reasons why....

Home after collecting firewood - Mansinam island

a small waterfall at Maripi village
Anggi lake showered with early morning light

Anggi lake just before sunset

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello there...

Finally, thanks to google one policy so I could recover my blog...what a relieve:)

Been away for a while...well it's more than a while apparently, it's been a year..gosh couldn't tell how time flies, but I'm happy now to have access to this blog again...

So, its time to gathered my photos and stories that I've been put on hold..

Just a perfect cheery mood on a cloudy Saturday in Manokwari, West Papua:D