Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Manokwari from the air

I've been posting some of the photos on my photoblog, but I thought why not I'm also posting it here.
Here some view of Manokwari from the air, taken from plane's windows, from big aircraft like boeing 737-300 series to ATR and Cessna.

on the right corner is Abasi beach, a good spot to catch sunrise
and usually crowded on Sundays
 areas near Kwawi, East Manokwari
Fisherman village, along Sowi areas, West Manokwari
another view of Sowi areas
a blurry image of the whole Rendani airport, Manokwari
Mansinam island, 5 min away by boat from Kwawi, Manokwari
this island is my getaway when I need to get away from people :p
loves the shadow of coconut trees along the coast
Lemon island, the smaller neighboring island of Mansinam

almost could see the whole Manokwari, except
the Arfak mountain areas

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