Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living the life in Manokwari…

Rendani airport, Manokwari from the air

I never been to Papua before, so when I said I’m gonna taking up a post in Manokwari, I’ve been clouded with many information on security issues, living conditions etc…etc… and it turned out not like as most people have said….

Bakaro beach
Although Manokwari is a capital city of West Papua, it couldn’t be compared with other provincial capital in western part of Indonesia. So far, living in Manokwari is like living in a small town somewhere in any part of Indonesia, with no chained mall or theatre and a laid back atmosphere…blue sky, beautiful beaches and mountainous areas… so many places to explore! 

Well, Manokwari has so many places to offer for people who like trekking, birding, snorkeling and diving. I only manage to see a little of it and still craving for more...
By the way, those who enjoy beers or any alcoholic drinks, sorry… you couldn’t find it here, even in a 4 star hotel, as its not permitted to be sold in Manokwari by local law!

Anyway… although I should live away from my hubby and children (missing them a lot!), I enjoy living the life in Manokwari

and here are some of the reasons why....

Home after collecting firewood - Mansinam island

a small waterfall at Maripi village
Anggi lake showered with early morning light

Anggi lake just before sunset


  1. Keren banget!!!
    Pengen banget jalan2 kesana

  2. Terima kasih:) Yuk...ke Manokwari, banyak tempat yang masih alami keindahannya