Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching sun rises in Manokwari

Got invitation from some friends here in Manokwari, if I want to join them hunting for sunrise. Despite my laziness of getting up early, who could refuse the offer when they said they will pick me up at home (they certainly knows that I couldn't get ojek/motorbike taxi at 4.30am). Sadly today they texted me again to see sunrise from another place, but apparently I was still enjoying my dream, so I didn't hear them until I got up at 6am :D

So here are some of the picture that I managed to capture the last 2 days becoming an early riser, at Abasi beach and Aipiri beach, Manokwari.

morning light, before sunrise at Abasi beach

sun rises behind clouds, Abasi beach

golden morning at Abasi beach

loves the early light just before the sun rises to the sky,
Aipiri beach

here comes the sun, Aipiri beach

sun rises at the horizon, Aipiri beach

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