Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A tease of Bromo

I’ve dreamed to come to Bromo since I was still in high school but never got a chance until last year. I was so fascinated by stories and pictures about Bromo and got curious about it. So in October 2010, finally I spent a weekend in Bromo. Yipppyyyy, I’m very excited!!!!

Bromo is part of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National park, situated around 145 km (90 miles) from East Java capital, Surabaya. The mount Bromo (2,329metres) itself easily recognize as the cap fully blown at previous eruption and left the crater with frequently belches with sulphur smoke. Mount Bromo located side by side with mount Batok (2,470 metres) and surrounded by a vast sea of sand and savanna.

The main destination ofcourse the Bromo crater which to get there we have to climb hundreds of steps!. I haven’t managed to go there yet in this trip, so I have a reason to come back to Bromo ;p, but unfortunately couldn’t do it soon since mount Bromo just erupted twice on 23 and 27 January 2011 and still on alert status as an outcome of the current escalated eruptive activity at the site.

Besides the crater, Bromo also famous for its sea of sand which also known as whispering sand and the savanna. I only was passing through the sea of sand to get to the savanna. The savanna in Bromo is different from the savanna I saw in Sumbawa island, West Nusa Tenggara. Despites the location itself in an altitude of more or less 2,000 metres indeed makes the savanna different from the dry land of Sumbawa.

Certainly a weekend visit is not enough to see many interesting places around Bromo, so I promise myself that I will be back to Bromo soon after it is safe again, cause I couldn’t see the famous sunrise in mount Bromo as the fog is too thick and drown the mountains in it so I could only see the tip of mount Semeru (3,676 metres). It is definitely a tease for me….it’s another reason to comeback there…..

Smoking mt. Bromo (left) and mt. Batok (right)
Sunrise looming over a thick fog

sunrise viewed from mt. Pananjakan
can't get enough of blue morning sky over hilly mt. Pananjakan
the very tip of mt. Semeru viewed from mt. Pananjakan
the hilly sides of savanna, Bromo
the savanna, Bromo

a horse rider looks tiny in the middle of savanna

Mr. Fadly and his gorgeous horse, Sultan


  1. Wow, like reading NG Travel.... or a picture book. Can we have more of your travel reports and pictures?

  2. Thanks for your comment, appreciate much. Still have some await:D

  3. oh my god,how beautiful indonesia......
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  4. see....i told you,ruina (you are anonymous now,but i know it's you)
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    good work VR n NF

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you enjoy it