Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy lunar new year! Gong xi fa cai !

Kim Tek Ie temple (vihara Kim Tek Ie)
Wishing everyone a blessed new year! May this year of rabbit bring more prosperity, fortune happiness and health always!

A week before chinese new year, one of my friend drop a message on my facebook and invite me to join him and his group of friend to go along to one of the oldest chinese temple in Jakarta to see the preparation on the vihara (chinese temple) for the upcoming celebration. 

This is the opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss, so I contact him immediately to arrange where and when should we meet.

So on Saturday, 5 days before chinese new year, at exactly 7a.m. I come to the meeting point agreed and walk together to 2 oldest chinese temples in Jakarta. The first temple is Kim Tek Ie (Cen Tek Yen) were built in 1650 and the other temple visited is Toa Se Bio which were built in 1724.

So here are some pictures taken on those two temples 5 days before the chinese year. Once again Gong Xi Fa Cai!

the entrance of Kim Tek Ie temple
the dragon on the roof of Toa Se Bio temple
bottles to keep the oil for candles
candle flame

the lanterns at the temple


  1. likes the green bottles

  2. jadi kangen indonesia

  3. i like very much the lanterns
    remind me my old sold,..and who am i

  4. Please do pulang kampung supaya kangennya terobati:D